What can a father do during a divorce? 

Divorce in the United States is a hot topic. It is highly probable that amongst a group of people, someone has gone through or is going through a divorce. It is prevalent enough that almost half of all marriages will end in divorce. 

Culturally divorce is looked at through a narrow lens. People might recognize that divorce has evolved historically and with the advent of “No-Fault” Divorce laws the rates of divorce have increased. Women, who in the past had little say in divorce matters, now have greater input. 

One issue many men go through in divorce, and especially father’s, is their role in the divorce proceeding. It is no surprise that over 90% of child custody cases go in favor of the mother of the children. Societal expectations and notions dictate that the mother is the preferred caregiver. That does not mean however that father’s have no role in a custody proceeding. Quite the opposite. 

Here are a few things to consider as a father going through divorce.

3 things fathers should do as they navigate a divorce that involves children: 

  • Create a plan:

    • Planning creates stability. Stability can go a long way when a radical change happens in a household. It can help children of parents going through separation but it can also help the parents. Plans help ease potential tension between the parents and between the children and parents. Establishing a clear plan is something that mediation can help with. 
  • Help your children cope

    • Any event which uproots a child’s normal routine can have short and long-term effects on their wellbeing. Helping a child cope with what can seem like a sudden and drastic change is essential for the your child’s well-being. Without a healthy coping mechanism kids can develop unhealthy behaviors as they mature.
  • Stay nearby (if possible)

    • Maintaining a healthy relationship often involves proximity. Although this might be difficult given your situation, staying nearby should be a priority when the divorce is final.  

3 things fathers can avoid as they navigate a divorce that involves children: 

  • Refusing to pay child support

    • Refusing to pay child support can cause more harm than good. Having good representation helps with navigating the details of child support. Judges understand changing circumstances like losing or changing jobs. Failing to notify the court of such a change and thus refusing to pay the amount can negatively affect the father’s standing.
  • Violating custody

    • Deviating from the established custody plan can be detrimental to the dynamic and relationship with the court. 
  • Leaving too soon

    • One of the toughest things to consider is when to move out of the family home. Staying in the family home is a good precedent to set while going through divorce proceedings. Although the thought of staying might be difficult to consider due to the tension at home, it can help with the custody proceedings.

Let us help you!

It is highly recommended to consult an experienced family law attorney if you are considering or if you are in the process of a divorce. Attorneys with experience in this field can help alleviate the tension that divorces may cause. Even the smoothest of divorces can be fraught with stress and anxiety. 

Divorces can be a crucial moment in a family. You should not expect your divorce to have to go through a lengthy battle and trial. An experienced firm like The Edwards Law Group believes mediation to be a key component in the proceedings. 

If you are going through a separation, contact us today.