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Custody agreements are arguably one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce involving children. Family law can be charged with emotions, anger, pain, and disappointment. Parents sometimes cannot step aside from these emotions during a divorce. Custody is almost never straightforward. As with all cases, there are unique factors and situations that will decide what the court decides. 

Courts generally will approve an agreement made by the parents. If the agreement was made in amicable and reasonable terms then that’s great, right? Although this is the ideal situation it is not always the case. Sometimes parents disagree on what is best for the child and the court must then be the decision-makers. In these situations, a mediator often becomes involved in the process to help facilitate the discussions. 

Family law can be complicated. The best thing you can do is hire an experienced attorney who can help guide you and defend you and your family. All cases are unique but helping to secure your best chances at protecting your family is what we offer you. Through all the laws, legal terms, and fine details of agreements we can help you establish a custody arrangement that works specifically for YOUR family. If you’ve already agreed on a custody arrangement but are looking to modify it we can help with that too. Click the button below to find out more.

What is Joint Custody? – Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia, like most states, has two types of custody. Legal Custody and Physical Custody. Legal custody has to do with the decision-making a parent does for their child. Georgia courts generally try to divide both of these types of custody fairly and equally. This means that parents can usually enjoy an almost equal role in being part of the discussion for the decision-making framework for their children.

When does this matter? Well, it can matter in terms of education, religion, medical decisions, and other aspects of their life(s). Physical custody is usually shared, although not typically a 50/50 split, legal custody has more equality. 

How do courts determine custody? Normally several factors are looked at by courts during this process. The child and parents’ lifestyles, their preferences (if over 14 years of age), and factors like geography and previous relationship to the child. 

How to Sue for Custody in Georgia

Things change. Sometimes parents come up with amicable agreements during a divorce but even these agreements can become outdated. So, what can you do if your custody agreement no longer makes sense? Modifying a custody agreement may be an option for you. It is recommended to contact a family law attorney like those at our firm to help guide you during this process. 

Having an attorney by your side is a smart decision. You’ll be protected from attacks and hurtful language in any modification agreement. In order for a prior custody arrangement to be changed, the courts must be presented with evidence that a significant change has occurred between the original agreement and your petition for change. This can mean that your or your co-parent has had significant life events occur. This can be a change in job, a relocation, or something else. 

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If you believe that a child custody agreement or order should be legally modified, or if you’re targeted by an ex-spouse seeking to modify an agreement and you disagree, the Atlanta family law attorneys at Edwards Law Group are ready to help. We have decades of combined experience in Georgia family law. We’re a compassionate law firm that knows the difficulty you’re going through and knows how to help. Call us at 770-723-7211 for a consultation about your case today.