“Sometimes your happiness and the person you want, don’t go well together.”

Working moms have an immense amount of pressure and a divorce is often times an added stress and daunting endeavor. We’re in agreement with you; juggling the tasks of being a mother and advancing your career are stressful enough. Being served with divorce papers or knowing your relationship has come to an end is overwhelming to say the least! However, we are here to help encourage and educate all the working moms who find themselves trying to juggle all that life has thrown their way. 

A working mom going through a divorce might be worried about how a judge might perceive this “juggling act” of parenthood and career and how it may affect custody agreements. We understand these concerns and have years of experience in helping other working moms in your situation!

Below are a few helpful tips to know if considering a divorce in Atlanta. 

Consult an Attorney:

A divorce is the dissolving of a relationship, and it is now looked at as a business transaction, therefore it’s taxing on your time. Consulting a professional can help ensure you are on the right path as well as take away the time-consuming burden of trying to handle the landmines on your own. A family law firm, like the Edwards Law Group can help guide you on the necessary steps of a divorce. Additionally, when seeking a professional for your divorce, ask about their previous experience handling cases like yours. Doing your research and consulting others on which family law attorney is advised. See what others have had to say about the selected lawyer you are interviewing. Reading online reviews on your lawyer’s Google My Business page will also provide great insight as to what others have experienced with the lawyer.

Consider your workload:

Before and after beginning the divorce process, consider your workload as a professional and working mother. Try to be consistent in keeping a schedule with your children. Many parents fear that a divorce could affect the routine their children, and themselves, are accustomed to. This does not always have to be the case. Many parents find healthy and efficient ways to adjust to a new lifestyle and finding that adjustment can mean a less stressful transition.

Self-care matters:

Treat yourself! Going through a divorce and keeping the schedule of work and motherhood does not mean you dismiss your well-being and mental health. The stress from a divorce is immense and should not be taken lightly. Seek out counseling, groups, and other activities that might help you keep a positive outlook.

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At The Edwards Law Group, we take on the ugly in family law cases, so our clients don’t have to! Attorney V. Joy Edwards and her team have helped many women in your situation. In fact, we have made an informative video for someone like you. Someone who is trying their best to juggle all that life has thrown their way. Watch as Attorney Joy Edwards provides great insight into divorce and how to manage it all!  

If you’re a working mom considering divorce, contact us today. Our law firm has over 15 years of experience dealing with clients and their unique cases. We understand each situation, marriage, and family is unique and we strive to help everyone in the best ways possible! We serve our community in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia.